Manning Hill Farm, LLC. is a 126 acre diversified, sustainable working farm located at the end of a scenic dirt road in the Southwest corner of New Hampshire with beautiful views of the Connecticut River Valley.  We raise a unique dairy herd of heritage Dutch Belted cows that produce a sweet, easily digestible, super premium milk that we gently pasteurize and bottle right on the farm in reusable, earth friendly glass bottles. We also offer pasture raised, grass fed meats including beefporkchicken and eggs.  Maple syrup and hay too! All of our farm products can be purchased at our farm store, at The Farmers Market of Keene and select retail locations throughout the region.  

    We are highly dedicated to the animals we raise, the land we manage and the quality products we produce. We support local agriculture and believe in keeping land useable and open. Buying local is important to us and we strongly feel that everyone has a right to know how and where their food is being raised.

Welcome to our farm and our website!
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Manning Hill Farm          79 Old Manning Hill Road.   Winchester, New Hampshire 03470                    (603) 239-4397
Farm Store Open Hours
Monday 9am-6pm
Tuesday 2pm - 6pm
Wednesday 2pm -6pm
Thursday 9am-6pm
Friday 2pm-6pm
Saturday 9am- 6pm
Sunday Closed    
call or email to make an appointment time!
We are currently looking to hire;
Part time Milk Delivery driver; 12-14 hours/week, Tuesday and Friday mornings, delivering our glass bottled milk and other products to local stores.  Must have excellent driving record, be able to lift 40+lbs, be reliable and friendly.
Part time evening milker;  full responsibility of all aspects of milking cows, feeding/caring for calves, cleaning barn 
Please call 603 239 -4397 for more details
We hope you love our milk as much as we love our cows!