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Milk Products
Grade A Pasteurized 
Non Homogenized
Half gallon and Quart size 
(we're proud to say, made with NO high fructose corn syrup!) All natural cocoa powder and pure cane sugar
Great for Hot Cocoa!
Just heat it up and stir
Half gallon and Quart size 
Glass returnable bottles
*$2.00 Bottle Deposit 
on earth friendly glass milk bottles
Safe for you and better for the environment!
*Show the world you care- please return our CLEAN bottles at the place of purchase, we need them to bottle our milk in every single week and you will receive $2.00 back per bottle
Thank you!

Meat Products
*Beef & Pork USDA inspected, cut, frozen and wrapped 
Select cuts of Beef & Pork available 
click here for printable price sheet  
   Pastured "Freedom Ranger" whole Chickens $4.75/lb.
Chickens Currently Available 
Farm Store Box Special: 
Purchase 30lbs. of meat (mix and match) at one time, receive 10% OFF your whole order

Eggs from pasture raised hens $4.75/dozen
   (Eggs always available!)
Frequently asked questions:
Do I call ahead or just stop by the farm?
We have set farm open hours listed below.  They change with the seasons so check back frequently..
Pickup times to purchase milk, eggs, meat and other products at the farm are:
Mondays and Thursdays 9am -6pm. Tuesday, Wednesday, Fridays 2p,-6pm, Saturdays 3-6pm. Sundays Closed.

Farm store is located in the field stone building just past the house.
Please leave your dog at home, NO DOGS ALLOWED on our farm property for the protection of our livestock.

Why is "Shake Well" on the milk bottle caps?
Our whole milk is non homogenized and our cream rises to the top of the bottle, just the way nature intended.  (But you'll be surprised just how long it takes to separate)  Shaking it up distributes the cream back throughout the milk.

How does the deposit work on the glass bottles?
The customer pays the $2.00 deposit fee at time of purchase and once you've enjoyed the milk inside, simply just wash your bottle  and return to the place of purchase and you will be refunded $2.00.  We do not need the caps returned on the bottles, please recycle them.  Please, Please do your part and wash out your bottles!!  and just think your helping the environment!  Feel free to run them through your dishwasher! They are DISHWASHER SAFE. Thank you!

Why buy pasteurized milk and not raw milk?
Studies have shown that there is no nutritional difference between pasteurized and raw milk.  Although we take extreme care in keeping our animals and equipment clean, there is always the risk that invisible, harmful bacteria is present in raw milk. Therefore our low temperature vat pasteurization process eliminates harmful bacteria while maintaining the nutritional value and flavor of the milk.  Our milk is also non homogenized, which makes it easily digestible and super flavorful.

Helpful Grass fed beef cooking tips:
 Always cook at lower temperatures for shorter times and turn steaks, hamburger etc. more often. This beef is made for rare to medium rare cooking. If you like well done beef, then cook your grass fed beef at very low temperatures in a sauce to add moisture.  It has high protein and low fat, so the beef will usually require 30% less cooking time and will continue to cook when removed from heat, so  remove 10 degrees before it reaches the desired cooking. Your biggest reason for tough grass fed beef is overcooking.  Recommended readings: The Grass fed Gourmet Cookbook; The Farmer's Grill; Good Meat.

How much is a half of beef? (Special order only, limited supply)
Half is approximately 175 pounds of packaged beef in varying cuts including a large amount of ground beef, stew meat, select steaks (top round, short rump, flank, strip, london broil, porterhouse, t-bone, NY sirloin, steak tips, Delmonico, tenderloin) short ribs, and select roasts. 

How much is a whole or half of pork? (Special order only, limited supply)
Half is approximately 80 pounds and whole is approximately 160 pounds of packaged pork in varying cuts. Cuts include but are not limited to, smoked bacon, hot, sweet or breakfast, ground sausage, ground pork, pork chops, tenderloin, spare ribs, country style ribs, ham shank roast, ham butt roast,  ham steaks, shoulder roast and butt roast.  For example, a half of pig may include depending on the size at hanging weight approximately 8-10 1 lb. pks. of bacon, 6-8 1lb. pks. sausage, 1 tenderloin, 2 pks. of spare ribs,  10-12 pks. of 2 per package of chops, 1 ham shank roast, 1 ham butt roast, 1 shoulder roast, 1 butt roast, 2 ham steaks, 2 hocks.   

Where to Buy & Price List
Please Buy Local!

Find our milk  at the following local stores:
Tuesday Delivery

Brattleboro, Vermont
Brattleboro Food Co-op
Keene, New Hampshire
Hannaford Supermarket 
Monadnock Food Co-op - Our meats & eggs too!
Winchester, NH
Manning Hill Farm- Farm Store Open Daily!
Kulick's Market
Picadilly Farm  (during their CSA season) Meats too!
Northfield, Massachusetts
Mim's Market 
Friday Delivery
Keene, NH
Hannaford Supermarket
Peterborough, NH
Nature's Green Grocer- Our eggs too!
Roy's Market
Rindge, NH-
Hannaford Supermarket 
Harrisville, NH
Harrisville General Store - Our meats too!
Hancock, NH
Hancock Market- Our eggs too!

Our milk is also at the following local restaurants being used daily in their menu!
Keene, NH -     Elm City Brewing Company 
                         Prime Roast Coffee Company
 Troy, NH-        The Inn at East Hill Farm

OR find us at: 

The Farmers' Market of Keene 
Winter Market
Every Saturday 10 am -2pm
November through April
at the Colony Mill Marketplace

Call or email your order ahead of time & we'd be happy bring it for you!
Pastured Pork by the pound
New sausage links!
Hot Italian Sausage Links $10.50
Jalapeno Chiptole sausage links $10.50
Breakfast ground Sausage $8.50 
Hot Italian ground Sausage $8.50
*great for sauces, spicy breakfast, lasagna, casseroles, pizza, chili, and more!
Sweet ground Sausage  $8.50
Plain ground pork   $7.50
Pork Butt Chops $8.00 Loin Chops $9.00
Pork Loin End Roast $9.00
Smoked Bacon       $10.00
1/2 fresh Shoulder roasts $7.50
*great for pulled pork recipes
Smoked Ham $8.00 -*special order only*
Fresh Ham shanks (not smoked)  $7.50
Spare Ribs       $8.00  Country Style Ribs $8.00
Tenderloin      $15.00
Bacon ends (used for cooking)     $8.00
Leaf Lard $8.00
(render it down for  healthier cooking or use it for making pie crusts, biscuits etc.)
Fat Back $6.00   Liver $4.00
Kidney, heart, tongue  $2.00
Grass Fed Beef price by the pound

Ground Beef (lean)     $6.50
Stew Meat    $7.50
Short Ribs    $9.00
London Broil $9.00
Top Round Steak $9.00
Short Rump Steak      $9.00
Flank Steak $12.00
Strip Steak   $12.00
Sirloin Steak Tips $13.00
T Bone Steak      $14.00
NY Sirloin Steak $15.00
Porterhouse Steak      $17.00
Delmonico Steak       $18.00
Tenderloin Filet  $22.00
Liver    $5.00
Soup Bones $4.00 Bag of Bones $10.00 per bag
Heart   $5.00
Tongue $4.00 Ox Tail $5.00
Dog Bones  $4.00 - $6.00 each per size
Chicken Feet (for soup broth)    $2.00
Have a Special Request?? Please ask!!
Gift Certificates                      $ any amount 
* All above prices subject to change as of January 25,2014.  Some items are not available at all times of the year.
Manning Hill Farm                79 Old Manning Hill Road. Winchester, NH 03470                           (603) 239-4397    
*Manning Hill Farm Gift Certificates now available in any amount you please - 
makes the perfect gift!
New this Year!
Now offering Pure Maple Syrup! Sap hand collected from trees on our own land and our surrounding neighbors.  Available for purchase at our farm store, farmers markets or we can ship it right to you!
Pure NH Maple Syrup

Half Pint        $7.00
      Pint              $12.00
Quart           $20.00
Half Gallon $34.00
Gallon          $56.00
Shipping                 $
* please email your address for rates​