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Milk Products
Grade A * Low Temperature 
Vat Pasteurized * Non Homogenized
  N0 high fructose corn syrup! All natural cocoa powder & pure cane sugar
No HFCS - real Colombian coffee & sugar

$2.00 Bottle Deposit on earth friendly glass bottles
Safe for you and better for our environment!

*Show the world you care- please return our CLEAN bottles at the place of purchase, we need them to bottle our milk in every single week and you will receive $2.00 back per bottle

Meat Products
*Beef & Pork USDA inspected, cut, frozen and wrapped 
Select cuts of Beef & Pork available 
Click here for printable price sheet  

   Pastured "Freedom Ranger" whole  roasting chickens $5.50/lb.
*Sold out for the season*
(*only available seasonally July - Dec.)

Eggs from our pasture raised, 
happy hens $5.00/doz.

Where to Buy & Price List
Please Buy Local!

Find our milk  at the following local stores:
Tuesday Delivery

Brattleboro, Vermont
Brattleboro Food Co-op - our eggs too!
Keene, New Hampshire
Hannaford Supermarket 
Monadnock Food Co-op - Our meats & eggs too!
Archway Farm Store 
Winchester, NH
Manning Hill Farm- Farm Store Open Daily!
Kulick's Market
Northfield, Massachusetts
Mim's Market 
Greenfield, Massachusetts
Green Fields Market
Upinngil Farm
Gill, Ma
​                Friday Delivery
Keene, NH
Hannaford Supermarket
Peterborough, NH
Nature's Green Grocer- Eggs too!
Roy's Market- Eggs too!
Rindge, NH-
Hannaford Supermarket 
Harrisville, NH
Harrisville General Store - Eggs & meats too!
Hancock, NH
Hancock Market- Eggs & meats too!

OR find all of our products at our farm store located at our farm at 79 Old Manning Hill Rd. Winchester, NH.
Pastured Pork by the pound

Plain ground pork $7.00
Breakfast sage ground Sausage $8.00
Sweet Italian ground Sausage $8.00
Hot Italian ground Sausage $8.00
Loin Chops $9.00
Smoked Bacon       $10.00
Regular rack of ribs $7.00
Country Style Ribs $8.00
Half of fresh Shoulder roasts $7.50
Loin end roasts $9.00
Tenderloin      $14.00
Bacon ends$7.00
Leaf Lard $3.50
Fat Back $2.00  
Kidney, heart,  liver   $6.00
Our own linked pork sausage in 5 different flavors: Hot & Sweet Italian, Chorizo, fresh Kielbasa! $10.00 Jalapeno Chipotle $11.00

Everyday Farm 100% grass fed Lamb
Ground lamb $11.50

Grass Fed Beef price by the pound

Ground Beef      $7.00
Pre made burger Patties 4, 4 oz. $7.50
Pre made burger Patties 3, 6 oz. $7.50
Stew Meat    $7.50
Kabobs $7.50
Flank Steak tips $8.50
Bottom Round Roast $9.00
Sirloin Steak Tips $12.00
Tenderloin Tails $15.00
Delmonico/Rib eye Steak $18.00
Tenderloin Filet  $20.00
Liver    $6.00
Bag of various sized bones $3.00
Knuckle & Marrow bones $3.50
Heart   $6.00
Tongue $6.00
Ox Tail $6.00

Chicken Feet $2.00/out of stock
Chicken Livers $15.00/out of stock
Chicken hearts $10.00

* All above prices subject to change as of December 26, 2020.   Some items are not available at all times of the year
Manning Hill Farm                79 Old Manning Hill Road. Winchester, NH 03470                           (603) 239-4397    
 Manning Hill Farm Gift Certificates
 available in any amount you please - 
makes the perfect gift, quality food is essential to the well being of a loved one!
Also offering Pure Maple Syrup! Sap is hand collected from trees on our own land!  Available for purchase at our farm store OR we can ship it right to you! Orders can be placed via email or phone, checks & credit cards accepted.
Pint 16oz. $12
Quart 32oz. $20
Half Gallon 64oz. $34
Half Pint 8oz. $7
Cow's Milk Lotion 
small $6 large $12
Cow's Milk Soap $6/each
Our own cow's milk lotion and soap handmade with the milk exclusively from our Dutch Belted cows, handcrafted by our friends at Holland Homestead Farm. Wonderful for dry, sensitive and hard working hands! Scented in oatmeal, almond and honey OR lavender.  
Farm themed note cards- all animals & scenes taken at Manning Hill Farm $3/each OR 5 for $12 
 Mix & match or themed by animals (cattle/pig) or farm scenes (scenic/ haying/sugaring)
Frequently asked questions:
Do I call ahead or just come by the farm?
    We have set farm open hours listed below.  They change with the seasons as does our farming schedule, so please check back frequently.  If your looking for a specific item or large quantities/bulk order, it is best to call or email ahead of time to make sure we are here to assist you. 
    The farm shop is located in field stone building just past the house, park in driveway.
    Pickup times to purchase milk, eggs, meats and other products at the farm are:
      Mondays - Thursdays and Saturdays 9 am - 6 pm  ***NEW SUMMER HOURS***
      Tuesdays - Wednesdays - Fridays 2 pm -6 pm
       Sundays Closed                       * Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter Day. * 

Farm Visiting Rules:  *MASKS ARE REQUIRRED TO ENTER/Only 1 customer at a time in our farm store due to it's small space to practice proper social distancing please!
    -Please be respectful, this is a working farm but also our home - NOT a petting zoo or a place to hang out with your family.
    -Drive slowly on our farm drive, you never know what may be in the way...tractors, trucks, loose cows, chickens, people, etc. Please do not block the farm drive when you park.  
    - Leave your dogs at home, NO DOGS ALLOWED on our farm property for the protection of our livestock and for the safety of our unleashed farm dogs.
    -Always assume all wire and poly wire fencing is electric and is ON at all times.
    -Children should never be left unattended for their own safety.
    - Do not feed animals or open any gates, go into any stalls, pastures, barns
    - We DO NOT have public restrooms on the property.

What else do you sell at your farm store?
Echo Farm Puddings - Rice, Chocolate, Tapioca and seasonal favorites
Picadilly Farm organic produce - greens, spinach, root crops such as carrots, parsnips  etc.
Cheshire Garden's preserves and mustards, Patti Pop's seasonally
Fullam Meadow Farm Duck eggs
Homegrown organic garlic
Probiotic yogurt and Kiefer cultures to make your own!
The Bread Shed breads, pizza dough & cookies delivered fresh on Thursdays
Manning Hill farm logo Tee shirts, long sleeve tee shirts, hats & stickers
New items always arriving and changing seasonally, stop by often!!

Why is "shake well" on the milk bottle caps?
    Our whole milk is non homogenized and our cream rises to the top of the bottle, just the way nature intended.  However, you'll be surprised just how long it takes to separate!  Shaking it up distributes the cream back throughout the milk.  

How does the deposit work on the glass bottles?
    The customer pays the $2.00 bottle deposit fee at time of purchase and once you've enjoyed the milk inside, simply wash out your bottle and return it to the place of purchase and you will be refunded $2.00.  You don't necessarily need to return it at the same place you originally purchased it, they can be returned at any store that stocks our milk, our farm store or at the farmers market during the season.  We do not need the caps returned on the bottles, please recycle them.  Please,  please do your part and wash out your bottles....and just think your helping the environment too! Feel free to run them through your dishwasher, they are DISHWASHER SAFE.  Thank you.

Why buy pasteurized milk and not raw milk?
       Studies have shown that there is no nutritional difference between pasteurized and raw milk.  Although we take extreme care in keeping our animals and equipment clean, there is always the risk that invisible, harmful bacteria is present in raw milk.  Therefore our low temperature vat pasteurization process eliminates harmful bacteria while maintaining the nutritional value and flavor of the milk.  Our milk is also non homogenized, which makes it easily digestible and super flavorful.  
Helpful grass fed beef cooking tips:
    Always cook at lower temperatures for shorter times and turn steaks, hamburger, etc. more often.  This beef is made for rare to medium rare cooking.  If you like well done beef, then cook your grass fed beef at very low temperatures in a sauce to add moisture.  It had high protein and low fat, so the beef will usually require 30% less cooking time and will continue to cook when removed from heat, so remove 10 degrees before reaching the desired cooking.  Your biggest reason for tough grass fed beef is overcooking.  Recommended readings; The Grass fed Gourmet Cookbook; The Farmer's Grill; Good Meat.