Dairy Products- 
Do you know where your milk comes from?
We do at Manning Hill Farm, 
from our cows and our cows only!!!

ABOUT OUR COWS...............
Manning Hill Farm has chosen a special, rural heritage breed of dairy cow called Dutch Belted to produce their milk.  This efficient breed was selected for many of their valuable genetic traits connected to the success of MHF milk products.  
Some of these traits include:
-friendly disposition and small size frame  
-longevity and excellent reproduction abilities
-excellent forage efficiency for milk production
perfect for rotational grazing here at MHF.  
-*Most importantly, Dutch Belts have extremely small fat globules in the molecules of their milk making their milk "naturally homogenized". You'll see it takes awhile before the cream settles to the top of the bottle (if at all!) which makes our bottled milk not only great tasting but an easily digested, smooth milk to drink.  

At first glance your thinking these are Belted Galloway beef cows because of their black bodies and white striped middle, but please look again. These are a completely different dairy breed of cow called Dutch Belted.  This rare breed of cows are on the 
"critical" list, according to The Livestock Conservancy Heritage Breed Organization.  We are deeply committed to the breed and are starting a breeding up program at the farm to help establish more purebred registered Dutch Belted cows in the United States. We always have heifer calves available for sale, please contact us if your interested.  

Manning Hill Farm believes small scale dairies like themselves, selling their products direct to their customers is the most efficient, environmentally friendly and humane form of dairy farming. We believe that each and every cow should be treated as an individual and not just a producing animal in line at a factory farm.  Cows are free to come and go as they please from a free stall barn to rotational grazed pastures.  All cows are raised and treated humanely and are not pushed for high milk productivity resulting in shorter life spans.  Our cows live into their teenage years unlike most dairy cows which only milk until 4-5 years of age.  Don't worry, no artificial growth hormones (rBST) or fed antibiotics are used. Cows are fed a grass/pasture based diet that we produce with minimal grain and NO corn.  We truly love our cows!! They all have names, which we know by heart; we work closely with them twice a day, everyday, so we consider them our extended family.

From this happy and healthy herd of Dutch Belted cows, MHF produces, gently vat pasteurized cream-line milk. It's the real deal we like to say! This super premium, truly fresh, great tasting local milk, is available for purchase in old fashion quart and half gallon size returnable glass bottles.  When you purchase our milk not only are you supporting a local working farm, you are also helping to keep 250 acres of prime farmland open and helping to preserve the Dutch Belted breed. 

ABOUT OUR MILK................
Grass Fed is better for you!  Why?  Because of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).  It's a good fatty acid that has been shown to offer a number of health benefits including lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, enhancing the immune system, lowering insulin resistance and promoting muscle growth.  When consumed in its natural form like milk from our grass fed cows, there is 5 times more healthful CLA then cows fed grain.
Our milk is pasteurized in a low temperature vat pasteurizer in small batches where we heat up the milk to 145 degrees, hold it at this temperature for a half hour and then cool it back down to below 45 degrees to then start individually bottling it.  This form of pasteurization takes more time, patience and attention to detail, however we feel it is important to take the extra steps to produce a higher quality, better flavored, nutritious milk.  This way is extremely different from the "normal" large dairy industry plants where they use ultra high temperature/short time (heated up to 280 degrees for 15 to 20 seconds) pasteurization and homogenization methods.  
Furthermore our milk is non homogenized, unlike other milk, which is a process where the cream globules in naturally occurring milk are beaten down to be made a whole lot smaller. Homogenized milk is made for the purpose of a longer shelf life and is not natural, hence the fat molecules are made so small that they pass through the wall of the intestine into our circulatory system, which in turn research has found can cause arterial damage leading to heart attacks.  And this is why it reads "Shake Well" on our milk bottle caps, our milk has the cream in it in its natural form = non homogenized = all natural!

Since our milk is not "ultra pasteurized" OR homogenized, it is the perfect milk for making your own cheese or yogurt in your own kitchen!!

We feel that our way of small batch, low heat pasteurization leads to a better, higher quality milk with no risks attached.  We drink it every day, safe for our family and safe for yours.
OUR milk is truly LOCAL!!  It is not trucked in a giant milk tanker, mixed together with a bunch of other farms milk, brought to a large processing facility, held in numerous bulk tanks before it's bottled, trucked again to stores and then sits on shelves for prolonged periods of time like your familiar milk companies.  We milk our cows twice a day, process and bottle the milk two times a week and deliver the milk ourselves the next morning to stores every single week, making our carbon footprint for a dairy farm very low.  We only travel at most in a 30 mile radius from our farm!  We also heat our milk plant with wood harvested from our land and hope to soon install solar panels.  Our milk is only at most one day fresh from our cows from the time it reaches our customers!

"Quality local milk, direct from our farm to you"

Where to purchase:
Find it at a local store- check out the "where to buypage with a full list of area stores that stock it (and also area restaurants that use it in their menus)
Come by the farm- Open farm store hours are Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays 9-6, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 2-6, Sundays Closed. 

Manning Hill Farm is The Monadnock Region's ONLY Pasteurized LOCAL Milk Source!

Milk storage and handling tips:
All types of milk are considered a highly perishable item and extreme care should be taken when handled.  However since our milk is not "ultra pasteurized", we give our milk a 12 day best by date, although if handled correctly, it should last a few days longer then its date code.
-Store milk  between 32º and 38º
-Avoid heat shock, do not leave milk out for a prolonged                     period of time  
  -The shelf life of milk is shortened by a full 50% for every                            five degree rise in temperature over 38º.
-Average shelf life at 38º is 14 - 16 days
-Do not store milk on your refrigerator door- every time you                         open the door, the milk is exposed to higher temp's                          resulting in a shorter shelf life

Bottle Etiquette Please!
We chose to bottle our milk in reusable/returnable glass bottles for a number of beneficial reasons.   Some including it's safe for consumption, better for the environment, it's "green" reduce/reuse/recycle and well we feel milk just tastes better in glass!  Please take the time and DO YOUR PART when handling our bottles by reducing the plastic in this world!
1. Rinse with cold water first once the milk is enjoyed
2. Next use warm soapy water and swish it around/shake it in the bottle
3.  If there is still milk residue on the inside, use a bottle brush to scrub it or fill the bottle with warm soapy water & soak
4.  Use a dishcloth or sponge and wipe down the outside of the bottle and all around the brim where the cap goes.
5.  Recycle the bottle cap - please do not leave on the bottle
6.  Better yet, if you have a dishwasher, go ahead and use it - our bottles are dishwasher safe
7.  Please do not use our bottles for other liquids then our milk!
8.  Clean bottles = saved time pre soaking & scrubbing hundreds of bottles in our milk plant, thank you! 

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Manning Hill Farm                   79 Old Manning Hill Road. Winchester , New Hampshire                             (603) 239-4397
Cows making their way in single file from pasture for milking time
 Two heifers enjoying a summer day
Berwick getting milked in our tie stall barn
Sarah bottle feeding a newborn calf
Ginger was our first red heifer born on the farm April 2010 & is one of our best milkers
Half gallons with our single valve bottle filler
Filling quart bottles with our whole milk
Well hello there! Violet's heifer calf
The end result of our hard work and our beautiful cows, Chocolate and Whole Milk bottled in half gallon and quart size returnable glass bottles just for you!