Manning Hill Farm produces all of the hay to feed our ever growing herd of grass fed, Dutch Belted cows. Our hay is a high quality mix of timothy, orchard grass, alfalfa and fescue grass and is fertilized annually using manure from our cows, and organic wood ash to maintain its high nutrition value.  Most of this hay is made on 250 acres of rented land in the Connecticut River Watershed in the  towns of  Winchester, Hinsdale and Warwick.  We work with the USDA/NRCS  who have developed a nutrient management plan for us to produce optimum yields and quality of pasture and forage crops and also to protect the environment in accordance with New Hampshire Best Management practices. 
​ We make 1000 round bales of hay for our own use to feed our dairy herd and young stock. 
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Manning Hill Farm            79 Old Manning Hill Road.  Winchester, New Hampshire 03470                     603 239 4397
Dutch Belted heifers for sale;
    We have been breeding up our herd now for over 8 years and are at a point where we have too many! We AI using registered Dutch Belted sires and also use our on farm purebred, registered breeding bulls. We breed for efficient grazing, milk production and quality cows.  All dams are on site and currently in our milking herd. Wide ranges of ages/sizes of heifers to choose from starting with month old calves up to 1 1/2 - 2 year old bred heifers. Prices start at $300 for month old calves.

     The Dutch belted breed are efficient cows for grass based dairies. They make wonderful tasting, A2 milk that customers really enjoy. Great for small homestead cows or micro dairies.  Good homes/serious inquires only. Please call (603) 239 - 4397 or email for more details as to what is currently available and to set up appointments to look at them.

We also sell matching bull calves for working steer/oxen teams. Call or email to get on our waiting list! You'll stand out in the show ring with this rare and beautiful breed!

Current breeding up heifers available(as of 4-8-2019) ; all have registration papers, have been breed with registered Dutch Belted sire, please contact us for more details.

​We always have heifer calves available - born every month!
2-28-19 Dam: MHF Dakota Sire: Bestyet Perfect Day 2636 (calf is all black)
2-2-19 Dam: MHF Wynonna Sire: Westmoor Park Bear #12521
3-5-19 Dam: MHF Rosemary  Sire: Bestyet Perfect Day
3-15-19 Dam: MHF Maybellen Sire: Westmoor Park Bear
3-21-19 Dam: MHF Camero Sire: Westmoor Park Bear
Kate 11-10-18  Dam: MHF Tootsie Roll Sire: Westmoor Park Bear 
Agnes 10-22-18  Dam: MHF Indiana Sire: Westmoor Park Bear
Willie 9-27-18  Dam: Joy Sire Brink-Louie #2712
Anne 6-9-18  Dam:Daisy Sire: Bestyet Zinger #2615
Monte 12-5-17  Dam MHF Indiana Sire: Westmoor Park Bear
Riviera 12-22-17  Dam MHF Cali Sire: Westmoor Park Bear
Skylark 1-20-17 (bred)  Dam: MHF Susan Sire: Brink-wash-Luke_Abub #2706
Camero 1-7-17  (just calved) Dam: MHF Basil Sire: Bestyet Fortified #2842

Working steers, Harry and Lloyd at 3 months old
Molly showing her purchased heifer, Sprinkles, at the Strolling of the Heifers in Brattleboro, Vermont June 2018